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Our guide to the functional world - the Hick

As it declared in subtitle of the site, publications in this blog will be about explore functional world and about all adventures that it will entail. I have good experience in JavaScript but just a little in another functional languages (yes, JavaScript more than can be assumed is a part of this big and unfriendly family). And it is great opportunity to try something new! First of all we will start dig into the Clojure and the ClojureScript.

Most often publications will be like notes: just practical pure information without deep explanations. They will help to understand/refresh some information and get concrete fast practical results. Imagine that you have an experience in some programming language and you have to create program with Clojure or ClojureScript right now, what will you do? This question is actual for me too, because I’m new to these technologies. So… it will not be straight path, rather it will be flow of the learning.

I will host publications on site and Medium. Also you can always find all sources on GitHub, announcements and different thoughts in Twitter. Feel free to follow, like and share ideas, critique, issues. I’m in touch.

Your are always welcome to follow Medium and Twitter, ⭐️ and create issues on GitHub, read publications on functionalhick.online. Feel free to give any feedback, I am in touch 🙌🏻